Repair Winter Home Damage

For many homeowners, the arrival of spring doesn’t just mean landscaping duty; it can also mean the beginning of a long period of repairs due to wintertime damage. If you live in an area where winter [...]

7 Home Improvement Projects That Can Really Pay Off

Home ownership is one of the best investments you can make. Not only does your house shelter you from the elements, it can also put money in your pocket when the time comes to sell. Enjoying a good re [...]

Doors 101

If you raise the topic of doors with the typical contractor you will probably hear them groan or see them grimace. If you were to go into your typical lumber yard or other door distributor’s warehouse [...]

There’s Condensation on My Windows

Now that the temperature is dropping and heaters are being turned on, you might begin to notice condensation on your windows. Your first thought might be that your window seals have failed, but that’s [...]

Exterior Winter Preparation

Sometime between carving the Thanksgiving turkey and decorating for the Christmas Holidays, we recommend you do an exterior check on your home and make sure your house is prepared for winter. Once hol [...]

3 Reasons to Consider a Fiberglass Replacement Door

Fiberglass entry doors are the #1 replacement door chosen by homeowners. If you’re considering replacing your entry door, here are 3 reasons you should consider fiberglass.   #1 Appearance We’ll [...]

4 Reasons You Should Consider a Steel Replacement Door

If you need a new entry door, the option of steel may not have crossed your mind. You may think it’s to industrial, commercial, or ‘sterile’ for an inviting entryway to your home… here are 4 reasons y [...]

Energy Efficient Windows: Know Your Numbers

Everyone wants energy efficient windows. Not only do they cut down on your energy bills throughout the year, it also significantly impacts the comfort of your home, maintaining and keeping in warmth i [...]

Top 5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Contractor

1) STABILITY Before you hire someone, make sure they are not a ‘fly by night’ contractor that’s here one day (to take your money) and gone the next (before your project is complete). Do they have an o [...]

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